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Used cars exporter

Terms and Condition

General Provisions

1.1. Definitions

The terms used in these Terms and Conditions shall have the following meanings, unless otherwise specified.

  • 'PM' refers to the Perfect Motors FZCO.
  • 'Service' refers to the services provided by PM specified in 1.2 of these Terms and Conditions.
  • 'Website' refers to this website operated by PM for the purpose of providing this Service.
  • 'Customer' refers to legal entities or individuals who desire to use this Service through this Website.
  • 'The Product' refers to damaged vehicles, used vehicles, spare parts and accessories, construction machinery, forklifts, motorcycles and other items provided to Members from PM through this Website.
  • A 'business day' refers to a business day of PM.
  • 'U.A.E.' refers to United Arab Emirates.
1.2. Service Contents

PM offers following services to Customers.

  • Posting Products information to the Website, and selling them through Stock List.
  • Delivery/shipping of the Products per Customer's request.
  • Other services related to the above.
1.3. Product Information
  • The Product information provided through this Website refers to condition of the Product at the time it was assessed by PM.
  • PM clearly defines Products details and contents of the information, and discloses them on the Website.
  • PM carries out appropriate and faithful assessment of the Products; however, this does not guarantee accuracy of the provided information.

Common Terms of Sales

2.1. Purchase Application and Sales Confirmation
  • Customers are considered to be confirming their purchase intention of the Product by clicking on 'Generate Proforma' button.
  • The sales contract for the Product shall officially be considered established when a sales contract and proforma invoice e-mail is sent by PM to Customers after a request for proforma has been received.
  • The sales contract for the Product shall not be considered officially established if any method other than that stipulated in the above paragraph is used.
2.2. Payment Methods
  • Members shall make payment for the Product fees (total invoiced amount) by bank transfer to the bank account specified by PM within two (2) business days of the establishment of a sales contract. All transfer and bank charges shall be paid by the Customer.
  • After payment of the Product has been made, Customer shall send a copy of the bank transfer receipt to PM by e-mail. The stock number of the Product and Proforma Invoice Number should be clearly visible on the bank transfer receipt.
  • In case of late payment, PM cancels the sales contract without notification.
2.3. Payment of Product fees shall be made in either UAE Dirham or US Dollar.
2.4. Transfer of Ownership and Risks
  • Ownership of the Products shall be transferred from PM to Customer at the points indicated below:
    • For Customer residing in U.A.E: When the Product is passed on to the Customer;
    • For Customer residing outside of U.A.E: When the Product is loaded on the ship.
  • After the ownership has been transferred to Customer, Customer shall incur any risks associated with the Product, including damage, theft, etc.
2.5. Documentation
  • After PM has confirmed payment of the Product fee by Customer, PM shall carry out the documentation procedures, such as export paper and de-registration procedures according to sales conditions.
  • PM shall provide an original copy of the document to Customer after the above documentation procedures have been complete.
    • In case of customers who take the Product delivery from PM yard, a refundable custom deposit will be required to be paid. Details are mentioned in 2.6. below.
    • In case of overseas shipping of the Product by PM, documents will be sent along with the bill of lading issued by the shipping company.
  • If a Customer loses the original documents handed over or sent by PM, PM may only request the concerned authorities for re issuance of copy of the documents. In such case, Customer will be liable to pay all the charges applicable to get the documents re issued. PM is not responsible if the concerned authorities refuse to re issue the documents.
2.6. Custom Deposit
  • Customers who take delivery of the Product from the PM yard will be required to pay refundable custom deposit.
  • Amount of the custom deposit is mentioned on the export paper by the custom. A receipt will be issued for the Custom Deposit payment.
  • To claim the Custom Deposit refund, Customer will be required to return the Export Papers with all the stamps from concerned authorities to prove that the Product was exported through legal channel.
  • Product must be exported within twenty five (25) days from the date of first issuance of Export Papers from Customs (Not from the date of duplicate/ or second issuance). If the product is not exported within specified time, the custom deposit amount will become non refundable.
  • Customer will be required to bring the ORIGINAL receipt to claim the refund.
  • Custom charge of AED 70/- to process the refund will be deducted from the Deposit amount. If there are any variances in documents and custom decides to apply fine, then the fine will also be deducted.

Yard Pick Up, Delivery & Transport, Shipping Services, etc.

3.1. Pick Up from PM Yard:

Products delivery in U.A.E. shall, by principle, be carried out in a PM yard. In such cases, Members shall make an appointment by at least one (1) day prior to pick up day.

3.2. Free parking days

Customers who wish pick up the product themselves are required to take delivery from the PM yard within 7 days after the completion of payment. Failure to do so will result in a charge of AED 10 per day after the free parking time is expired.

3.3. Using PM Transport & Shipping Services

If Members wish to receive the Product at a place other than PM yard, they may use transport/shipping services for a fee.

3.4. Service Fees, etc.
  • The fees for transport, shipping, and pick up at PM yard are specified separately. Further, the transport/shipping fees listed on this Website are for reference purposes only. The invoice indicates the final fee.
  • Customers shall, by principle, determine transport/shipping method and destination at the time of purchase of the Product, and shall pay these fees along with the Product fee.
3.5. Arrangement of Services
  • PM shall make arrangements for the transport/shipping for the Product, after PM confirms payment of the service fees.
  • In case PM make arrangements for shipping, PM shall notify Customers of the shipping schedule, such as the arrival date of the Product, when it is confirmed. However, Customers shall understand that the schedule may be subject to change without prior notice.


4.1. Changes to these Member Terms and Conditions
  • PM reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions, in part or in whole, as needed upon providing advance notice to Customers.
  • Changes to these Terms and Conditions shall take effect upon the posting of the changed Terms and Conditions to this Website, and shall replace the previous Terms and Conditions. Customers who use this Service after these changes have been made are deemed to agree to the changed Terms and Conditions, and cannot assert ignorance of said Terms and Conditions.
  • PM shall bear no responsibility if Customers incur direct or indirect damage or loss by the changed Terms and Conditions.